Volunteer Development Children's Association Special Wish List for VDCA and Anlung Pi Free Schools.

VDCA has compiled this list as a guide for all interested fundraisers and donors. Please feel free to discuss any donations or ideas and let us know if you would like your donation to be used for a specific purpose. We appreciate all of your assistance for ths organisation. It helps us to keep their fantastic projects going and really does make a difference in the lives of many poor children and families in Cambodia.



VDCA 001: Writing Books $3.00/10 books

VDCA 002: Coloured pencils $3.50/Box of 12

VDCA 003: Coloured Paper $6.00/Package

VDCA 004: Pencils $10.00/Box of 100

VDCA 005: Printing Ink $10.00/Box

VDCA 006: Markers $12.00/Box

VDCA 007: Pens $13.00/Box of 50

VDCA 008: Art Supplies $20.00/Month

VDCA 009: Prints/Copies $30.00/Month


VDCA 010: Text Books

VDCA 011: Lets Go $0.50/Each

VDCA 012: New Headway $2.00/Each

VDCA 013: Library Books $2.00-3.00/Each


VDCA 014: Hygiene Supplies $50/3 Months or $150/Year

VDCA 015: First Aid and Emergency Medical Expenses $150/3 Months or $450/Year


VDCA 016: School Maintenance $15.00/Month

VDCA 017: Electricity $50.00/Month

VDCA 018: Internet for the School and Computer Program $50.00/Month

VDCA 019: Buy a Bicycle for a Student* $50.00/Each

VDCA 020: Desktop Computers* $350-500/Each


(Teachers work very hard to bring education to underprivileged children at the VDCA free school.

Help to to provide them with a yearly field trip to focus on team building, curriculum development and teacher education)

VDCA 021: Teacher Education Program* $1000.00 per teacher year per year



VDCA 022: Buy proper Shoes and Schoolbag $20/Year

VDCA 023: To attend VDCA Education $4.00/Month - $48.00/Year

VDCA 024: To attend University $500 per student per year


Change the life of a child through long-term sponsorship, which will provide them with new opportunities to grow and thrive. We can recommend children who are in need of extra assistance and you may choose the child you would like to support.

VDCA 025 (a): $35.00 per month - Option (a)

VDCA 025 (b): $420.00 for one year - Option (b)

This New Opportuninties Program sponsorship includes

- State School Fees

- School Supplies

- Food Allowance

- Monitoring by VDCA staff

- Updates on your sponsored child's progress


$200 - $500 Month Helps to continue to provide free education for underprivileged children in Siem Reap by sponsoring 2-3 classes a day.  Each class has between 25 to 35 children.

Class sponsorship includes

- School supplies (Writing books, pens, and pencils).

- Textbooks

- Teacher supplies – (Whiteboard markers, pens, and photocopies).

- Contribution to the teacher's salary

- Progress Updates for your class

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