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Pagna Cambodian Education Fund (PCEF) works in Lvea Village and the Floating Village of Kampong Phluk.

Both of these villages are in severely impoverished areas of Siem Reap Province.

PCEF currently has two schools which provide much-needed education and support to 600 children from nine villages.

The goal of Pagna Cambodian Education Fund is to provide free English education and to enable students opportunities to progress to higher education.

PCEF focus on children from desperately poor rural areas in Siem Reap Province.

The Pagna Cambodian Education Fund is funded wholly by donations and sponsorship.






Help All is a real grassroots NGO working in a very poor village on the outskirts of Siem Reap.

Just a few kilometres away from expensive, palatial hotels and lavish restaurants, many very poor people are struggling to survive, living at subsistence level in extremely spartan grass huts. Kids from such villages may rarely see the inside of a classroom.

Most international tourists probably don't even know of the existence of such places let alone the plight of the people.

Through his own vision, and his tireless physical efforts, the founder of Help All (Mr. Chuon Nan), has constructed the Help All school at Kravan Village. As a result of his personal dedication over the years, Help All now educates around 200 students. Nan has also established a commercial chicken farm and is now developing a vegetable farm to try to raise the funds needed to keep this very special little school going.

The staff of Help All... just like like Nan... are selfless, devoted, wonderfully kind people who really do care about the welfare and future of the children in their care. Large NGOs attract all the limelight internationally, so it is very difficult for grassroots NGOs like Help All to attract enough donor support to keep their programs alive. ACCA is very pleased to be involved with Nan and his team at Help All. They may not be the biggest NGO in town, but they, like the other grassroots NGOs in the ACC Alliance, are certainly amongst the best, unquestionably motivated by a compassionate sincerity from which the major players could learn a valuable lesson.






In February 2005, the Volunteer Development Poverty Children School (VDPCS) was established by two Buddhist monks, Rathana Nn and Togh Main.

Their intention was to provide some of Siem Reap's poorest children with a future other than begging on the streets.

Things were very difficult. For the first year they ran their school out of two simple thatch classrooms. With a great deal of perserverance, occasional donations, and the help of some local and foreign volunteers, they soon had a school with over a hundred enthusiastic children and teenagers.

Today VDCA operate a Free School in Siem Reap, They also have a Free School and Nursery School in Anlung Pi village, 23km from Siem Reap, which serves a community located by the garbage dump.

The VDCA free schools supplement the education programs run by the public school system, with VDCA providing English classes, computer classes and other courses to children and young adults, with an additional emphasis on morality, ethics and compassion.

Regular teacher training and their International Volunteer Program constantly improve the quality of the education provided.





In the developing world there is widespread agreement that investment in education offers the greatest overall returns for sustainable economic development and the eradication of poverty. The Cambodian Education & Development Fund (CEDF) regards education as a fundamental human right, They recognise the key role of education as a catalyst for human development, and its impact on health, nutrition and poverty reduction. 

Accordingly, In 2008  a Children’s Education Centre was established in the heart of a poor rural village in Siem Reap Province, one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia.The objective  is to enable the very poorest children and young people, who would not otherwise have such an opportunity, to gain quality education and training.

All students at the Education Centre also receive the essentials necessary to provide a firm foundation for learning: 

... nutritious food, health care, clothing, emotional support and encouragement.

Due to the acute shortage of teachers in Cambodia children can only attend government schools for half of the day. Children attending the CEDF Education Centre do so either before or after their government school classes, according to the Government school schedules. 

CEDF supplements school lessons with additional teaching in core subjects, and in English and computers,  as well as a range of activities such as sport, art. The objective is for the children not only to learn, but to have the opportunity to develop their interests and talents in physical, creative and cultural pursuits as well as just to have fun and enjoy life. We monitor the health, welfare and progress of each child.



Opportunity Cambodia (OC) was created to provide education and training for some of Cambodia’s poorest and most vulnerable children, thereby enabling them to transition into becoming positive, aspirational, self-empowered and self-sustaining members of their society.

Opportunity Cambodia’s commitment to their students is to support them through their school education, followed by appropriate tertiary education and/or training to enable them to earn their own living. In 2015, in conjunction with the Cambodian Education and Development Fund (CEDF). they opened a new facility, the Opportunity Cambodia/CEDF Centre in Siem Reap, to enable older students to progress to high school and/or vocational training in the city.  

Recognising the importance of raising the standard of girls’ education in Cambodia, OC have also introduced a school support program to enable girls to remain in education throughout secondary school. This initiative provides the girls with nutritious food, health care, uniforms, bicycles, all school materials and school tuition fees, as well as extra classes in English and computers in Siem Reap.

In addition OC have built a pre-school and a maternal education centre (made possible through funding by a Malaysian Government volunteer program).

About one third of OC students come from a desperately poor community which has no clean drinking water, no sanitation, no electricity, inadequate shelter and chronic disease.

Opportunity Cambodia have begun carrying out development work in this community and will continue to do so when specific-purpose funds become available.


·         Focus on education and training for poor children in rural communities

·         Education for life – life skills and application of learning

·         Gender equality in education

·         Quality of teaching and learning

·         Achieving and measuring results

·         Small scale initiatives at community level

·         Working with the families, and the local community, and respecting their needs and culture

·         Child protection and safety

·  Transparency and accountability in financial and project management.



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